About us

Our company has established since 2016

What does fish mean?

We originally decided to bring fish and rye bread together. We offered perfect fish sandwiches, which components were made by ourselves. While baking rye bread and making sandwiches it became clear that people also had the desire to get a loaf of rye bread as well. After that we began to pack and market rye bread. As a result, there was a rapid increase in demand and we had no more time for making sandwiches.

Kala&Leib whole grain rye bread

Over many years we have managed to get our own authentic recipe by learning under different experts. Kala&Leib whole grain rye bread is fermented with natural leaven and baked with organic flour. Our rye bread does not contain wheat or yeast, which makes it genuine and pure flavored rye bread – just like in the old days.